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Field balancing SmartBalancer - _standard-id-en1 (CB)

Studies substantiate: Over 50 % of faults or failures in machines and systems can be traced directly or indirectly to unbalances in rotors. Fortunately, with the innovative SmartBalancing Mode of SmartBalancer 4, the user can effortlessly detect and fix the unbalance in their machines and systems. Thanks to its exceptional functionality and user-friendly interface, this portable device stands as the ultimate solution for field service, maintenance, technicians.

The advantages at a glance:

  • A complete package offering tremendous value for money.
  • Up to 6 simultaneous measuring channels.
  • Balancing and overall machine condition all in one place with our SmartBalancing Mode.
  • Live time waveform with synchronized FFT for spectrum analysis all while balancing.
  • Graphic display of the 1 x filtered vibration in polar vector diagrams.
  • Centralized machine set-ups and data storage.
  • Robust touch screen with high-resolution color display.
  • Robust industrial cables.
  • Simple transfer and documentation of measurement results.
  • Optical laser reference pickup with up to 2 m measurement distance.

Elevate your performance with the comprehensive balancing package
The basic scope of delivery contains everything you need for field balancing: the SmartBalancer 4 unit, 2 acceleration sensors, laser reference pickup with a magnetic stand, all required connection cables, the power supply unit/charger, and a USB-C connection cable. 6 channel upgrade and further advanced analysis functionalities are available as an option. This makes SmartBalancer 4 an indispensable instrument in your business – an untiring worker and analyst.

Scope of delivery

1 SmartBalancer 4 Standard measuring unit

with integral rechargeable battery and user dialogue in German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

2 acceleration sensors with

  • 2 magnets for flat and curved surfaces
  • 2 connection cables, 2,9 m long

1 optical laser reference pickup with

  • 1 bracket for laser reference and reflective tape
  • 1 connection cable, 2,9 m long

1 USB-C connection cable to the PC

  • 1 m long

1 AC power supply unit/charger

1 hard shell case for measuring unit and accessories with

  • 1 shoulder strap
  • 2 hand straps


  • Option 01: 1 additional acceleration transducer with 1 probe, 2 magnetic retainers and 1 connecting cable ca 5 m long
  • Option 02: 1 extension cable for the acceleration transducers, 10 m long
  • Option 03: 1 extension cable for the laser-optics reference transducer, 5 m long
  • Option 04: 1 BNC sensor adapter cable
  • Option 05: 1 printer cable 1,5 m
  • Option 06: 1 set of operating instructions in printed and bound form
  • Option 07: calibrating the SmartBalancer in the frequency range of 5 Hz-5 kHz with a DKD calibrating certificate
  • Option 08: calibrating the SmartBalancer in the extended frequency range of 5 Hz-5 kHz with a DKD calibrating certificate (only in connection with Option 07)
  • Option 09: 1 pocket scale with an accuracy of 0.1 g
  • Option 09: 1 kg balancing kit
  • Option 10: 1 software module for assessing roller bearings (release with password)
  • Option 11: 1 extended utility software for excel reports

Now introducing an enhanced analysis package:
Machines can exhibit mechanical vibrations because of unbalances, alignment faults, and incipient damage. To ensure that no fault goes undiagnosed the SmartBalancer 4 Advanced Analysis package can be provided. The Advanced Analysis package provides a detailed analysis of the machine, including custom FFT frequency analysis, bearing envelope spectrums, time waveform, and crossphase measurements. These supplementary functions can be added at any time, enabling even more comprehensive field analysis.


Avoid unbalances in your operations

New Rotors may initially be balanced before their first use, but their balance can often be disrupted due to various factors such as installation, wear, and operational influences. These unbalances can result in mechanical vibrations during use, which can cause premature wear and tear of bearings, fatigue, force fractures, or shaft deformations. Fortunately, our SmartBalancer 4 is the ultimate solution to this problem. It allows for quick, cost-effective, and highly accurate balancing of rotors in their installed condition, without requiring machine dismantling. And this can be accomplished with up to six sensors simultaneously, operating at rotational speeds ranging from 120 to 80,000 rpm.

In addition, the SmartBalancer 4 also comes with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities to keep you informed about the vibration condition of your machines, ensuring that your business operates smoothly and without interruptions, providing the best prospect for a smooth and trouble-free outcome.

For even more applications: Assessment of roller bearings

With the optional Advance Analyzer module, the SmartBalancer 4’s application range can be extended to include roller bearing assessment. This module enables the instrument to perform envelope spectrum analysis, which detects periodic impacts resulting from roller bearing and gearing damage. The analysis is based on demodulating amplitude-modulated vibration signals. By utilizing this feature, you can plan ahead and take necessary measures at an affordable cost.

Technical data
Technical data at a glance  SmartBalancer 
No. of measurement channels 
No. of measurement points  max. 4 
Balancing speed  120 - 60.000 min-1 
PC connection  RS-232 serial interface with 9.600 - 115.200 baud data transfer rate 
Power supply and charging unit  110 V - 240 V / 50 Hz to 60 Hz 
Power supply  Re-chargeable Lithium ion battery pack 
Battery operating time  8 hours  
Working temperature range  -10°C bis +50°C 
Measurement functions  Field balancing Measurement of overall vibration Frequency analysis Run-up and run-down curves Vibration versus time Phase measurement 
Display  TFT-LCD, backlit Color depth: 18 bit (262144 colors), Resolution: VGA (640 x 480 pixel) w/ 140 ppi Pixel area: 116 x 87 mm 
Keyboard  1 navigation pad and 7 keys; Keyboard illumination controlled by ambient light 
Weight  1,15 kg (Measuring instrument) 
Dimensions  186 x 162 x 52 mm (Measuring instrument)